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DimeTyd is a fully automated logic based FinOps solution powered by AI and ML, that simplifies visibility into complex Amazon 1P accounting & reconciliation processes to identify & recoup funds, and helps you fix deep rooted problems & reduce profitability leakage.

A whole life cycle, 100% automated AI & ML logic based FinOps solution. DimeTyd pairs vendors’ 1P vendor central account with the unique algorithms and advanced systems of accounting within Amazon generating transparency and safeguarding against future revenue leakage.

DimeTyd seamlessly creates precision alignment with Amazon’s complex accounting system and provides visibility into overbillings and all other deductions at scale. The true power of automation and AI is further demonstrated in DimeTyd’s FinOps and Financial Planning services that streamlines the complete eCommerce ecosystem, and significantly maximizes productivity and profitability.

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  Operational Chargeback Management ASIN Forecasting
All we need is access to your Vendor Central account. Since DimeTyd is a fully automated platform, we do not require your resources or time in any form.
We provide you with access to DimeTyd portal post completion of on-boarding process.
None. DimeTyd is a simple user-friendly platform, at the time of on-boarding, we present a thorough walk-through of our portal. For any questions, you can reach out to your dedicated Account Managers.
No. DimeTyd services can be availed by you just as any other service for the growth of your business.
Once audited and reconciled, DimeTyd platform continues to support accounting, reconciliation, and provides course corrections on recurring issues. We continue to enable vendors to maximize future profitability. For ease and convenience, DimeTyd is a tailor-made solution that allows a business to continue operations unabated all while locating and replacing missing profits.
DimeTyd is positioned to stand as a leading voice in the growing e-commerce market, offering indispensable, convenient, and vital solution needed for reducing revenue leakage and efficient business operations.