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For every $100,000 a month in revenue generated through Amazon, vendors lose at least 5% in uncollected revenue, chargebacks, and accounting errors.

DimeTyd’s the only fully automated solution for Amazon vendors that offers seamless recoupment of unwarranted deductions.


up to 10% of annual shipment value due to unwarranted overbilling, deductions, and short payments. Recoupment is as easy as starting your free audit!


recovered funds to increase topline by investing in advertising, deals, and promotions. Or use these funds to increase profitability by applying to bottom line.


the process quarterly to keep everyone honest and scale across all vendor accounts and

Use our calculator to see how much you can recoup

Last 5 years' annual sales with Amazon (1P)
$10 M $500 M
Average accrual rate agreed with Amazon

Combination of CoOp + Damage Allowance + Freight Allowance + Discretionary Marketing

5% 80%
Enter Product Category
Potential Recoup Account


Customers Worldwide
Overbillings & Shortages Identified
Funds Recovered
Lines of Data Analyzed

“DimeTyd has been able to return large sums of money down to the bottom line."

Timothy Edwards, VP of Shared Services, Petmate

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