We UNLOCK hidden profitability and automate Amazon’s complex vendor accounting.

So that you can reinvest BOLDLY to grow topline, gain share, and displace competition

eCommerce accounting is dynamic yet daunting and we can break it down for you

eCommerce vendors face a multitude of accounting reconciliation challenges on everything - from billing issues to shipping logistics to allocating man-hours. As a result, precious resources, and financial investments can become stretched dangerously thin, while profits continue to erode.

63% of deductions can go unnoticed due to overwhelming accounting & supply chain complexities

Since 100 different overbillings, shortage deductions and chargebacks categories amount to millions of transactions and data points over time, transparency related to revenue leakage becomes limited. Furthermore, the timelines with respect to every aspect of accounting such as invoicing, dispute management, reconciliation, etc. in eCommerce are very small in comparison to Brick & Mortar.

100% Automated, AI & ML powered, logic based FinOps solution that processes accounting data flawlessly with zero manual interference

The idea is simple - deploying resources for man-hours to analyze millions of data points is expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, investing in the current FinOps efficiency to replace traditional silos and have cross-discipline teams work collaboratively is a highly progressive approach to save time and money.

With DimeTyd, eCommerce vendors can easily shift from a reactive to a proactive approach and deploy fully automated solutions to manage time-to-detection and time-to-resolution process. We fix deep-rooted recurring issues of the past to maximize future profitability and maintain an efficient accounting system.

Find clarity in chaos

We aim at providing vendors with seamless recuperation process and have done so with a phenomenal win rate of more than 95%.

As of September 2022, we have on-boarded 250+ brands worldwide, successfully audited $16B+ In-purchase Orders and have recouped $30M+.

DimeTyd requires no upfront or set-up cost. We perform a free audit that usually takes up to 5 business days.

Inspired by Innovation

Developed by FinOps & eCommerce experts, DimeTyd benefits from a fount of knowledge & wisdom from the combined years of experience of our leaders.

Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, DimeTyd's vision is to empower fair and transparent accounting for the world of eCommerce.

Developed by former Amazon Employees & FinOps Experts

Rohan Thambrahalli


Vikram Bhatia

FinTech Leader

Nathan Smith

Client Success Manager

Reid Reaper

Sales Support Associate

Alok Kumar

Program Manager

Akansha Chachra

Marketing Specialist

Rick Farone


Tom Duncan


Ryan Mulvany


Built on knowledge & expertise that runs deep

Years of Amazon Experience
Years of FinOps Experience
Years of eCommerce Experience

Trusted by over 50 companies in more than 6 countries

DimeTyd Launches Accounting Automation Platform for Amazon Vendors

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