2022 At A Glance: DimeTyd Achievements from the Past Year

While 2022 has gone by in a flash, it has been a stellar year for DimeTyd, so let’s take a look back at a few of our most notable achievements:

In 2022, we provided solutions for 185 customers worldwide. We analyzed over 10 billion lines of data to identify more than $260 million in overbillings and short payments. This year, our platform recovered over $35 million in lost funds for Amazon 1P Vendors.

Our founder and CEO Rohan Thambrahalli was featured several times for his keen industry insights:

  • DigitalCommerce360How Online B2B Sellers Can Prevent Accounting Errors on Amazon
    • “The e-commerce world has weathered volatile markets, adjusted and absorbed new technologies, and persisted through a worldwide pandemic. Through all the changes, shifts, and adjustments, B2B product companies on the Amazon marketplace have traveled a path of expansion and growth. The upcoming—and imminent—next chapter for online vendors is to utilize AI, RPA, and ML tools. Advanced technology will drive operational efficiencies, improve cash flow, and help ensure continued success in the Amazon Marketplace amid exponential B2B buying demand.”
  • Retailist MagazineThe Fashion Industry’s Digital E-Commerce Rise
    • As fashion businesses make the digital move, they must safeguard themselves from the potential pitfalls that can negatively affect cash flow and deteriorate profits, and—in extreme cases—even shutter some companies. The imminent next chapter for online fashion vendors is to utilize AI, RPA, and ML tools. Advanced technology will drive operational efficiencies, improve cash flow, and help ensure continued success in the Amazon Marketplace amid exponential B2C buying demand.
  • Authority MagazineFive Things You Need to Know to Run a Very Successful Amazon Business
    • “Five key recommendations for creating a successful Amazon business are to know your product to the point of perfection, stand out in a crowd, be flexible, utilize automation and have a positive mindset. At the end of the day, follow your heart and do what you feel is best.”
  • Retailist Magazine – How Amazon Vendors Can Find & Recover Lost Revenue Amid Rising Fees & the Decline of E-Commerce
    • “Vendors shouldn’t sit back and simply accept costly chargebacks, and overbilling that come with Amazon’s complicated accounting system. In the ever-changing, volatile, and at-times erratic e-commerce markets, RPA and ML applications serve as valuable tools to safeguard revenue, catch overbilling, and recoup lost profit—ultimately helping Amazon vendors protect their bottom line.”

We published four e-papers, each detailing one of our unique solutions:

Narrative Discussion of Overall DimeTyd Life Cycle

    • “DimeTyd’s solution is a whole life cycle, 100% automated, logic-based solution that offers vendors seamless recuperation of up to 93% of profit leakage based on Amazon accounting errors across several years of transactions.”
  • Narrative Discussion of DimeTyd’s Invoicing Solution
    • “DimeTyd’s invoicing solution incorporates robotic process automation (RPA) and AI, which helps vendors correct invoicing errors on Amazon while also improving cost-efficiency and timeliness.”
  • Narrative Discussion of DimeTyd’s Cash Application and Reconciliation Solution
    • “DimeTyd’s advanced, logic-based online engine, Cash Application and Reconciliation, is an extension of DimeTyd’s platform and a tool that helps vendors meet all Amazon Marketplace regulations, saves time, reduces costs and processes payments on the Amazon Vendor Central portal each day.”
  • Narrative Discussion on ASIN Level Profitability Through DimeTyd
    • “DimeTyd’s ASIN Level study lets vendors see what products are profitable, which might be losing money, and recommends where to invest funds for the most effective return on investment. This feature also keeps track of ASIN product shipping and shows online businesses what inventory is falling short and needs replenishment to avoid shortages and unavailability.”

We have accomplished a lot this year, but don’t take our word for it; take a look at a few of our customer testimonials to see how DimeTyd revolutionized their operations:

  • HALO: “After evaluating industry solutions, we decided to sign with DimeTyd because it’s the only fully automated tools on the market and required no additional resources from our team. It created a risk-free opportunity for us to recover funds that we, nor other solutions, had the ability to identify. DimeTyd delivered over $200K in recoupment in just 22 days, with much more on the way. We are excited to continue our partnership with DimeTyd and would highly recommend to any vendor facing difficulty with Amazon’s unique and complex accounting practices.”
  • ZAGG Inc.: “We were searching for a way to deal with Amazon’s chargebacks that are constantly present in the Amazon system. We chose to go with DimeTyd because it posed an almost risk-free way to deal with the situation. DimeTyd was able to get us significant recoupment within four weeks of signing, and the process was painless. Amazon’s accounting practices are super complex—anybody that is struggling with it should give DimeTyd a try.”

2022 saw a lot of growth for DimeTyd. We are using every bit of customer feedback, every success story, and every piece of content to help us grow and enhance our platform. We promise to hold true to our company values in the new year as we consistently improve upon our pre-existing technologies. Stay tuned for 2023 as we continue to build industry-disrupting solutions for Amazon 1P vendors and revolutionize financial operations!