Easily find and recoup all erroneous shortages, chargebacks, and overbillings from Amazon

Directly improve your bottomline with a profitable outcome. Get the initial analysis done at no cost.

    See exactly how much you’re owed

    DimeTyd provides you visibility into payments received from Amazon, all the deductions done by them, overbillings identified, and how much money you can recover from Amazon.

    Recruit our help to raise and manage your disputes

    With our in-depth experience of the Amazon vendor accounts payable lifecycle, we take your disputes to Amazon’s accounting teams for you and get your funds back under 45 days.

    Stay on top of your vendor account finances, always

    DimeTyd conducts monthly audits and analysis  that surface hidden contractual and promotional chargebacks the moment they try to eat into your cashflow.

    Use DimeTyd to keep all your accounts healthy, all over the world

    DimeTyd simplifies reconciliation for multiple brand and multiple vendor accounts so that you can look after them from one place.

    Our clients are winning with DimeTyd

    All you need to start is provide access to your vendor account(s)

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